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How to resuscitate a dog

It’s our aim over time to provide plenty of hints’ tips and more general information for pet lovers… I got to thinking today about how I’d treat my dogs if anything were to happen to them in terms of first aid… Not something I’d ever given much thought to – until a couple of incidents recently with Guido.


1. He had a bleed in his foot caused by a large cactus needle. I treated it with a little saline and just kept it clean with the view to taking him to our (very lovely) vet should he show any signs of illness.

2. Secondly a few weeks ago he had a very bad reaction to either a sting or some vegetation he’s picked up whilst out walking. He was sick, and his face swelled up so without any hesitation he was straight down the vets. An anti-histamine shot later and within a couple of hours he was his normal self.

I’ve been working on the assumption that most pet first aid is much like with humans. Doing a bit of research, I was for the most part correct. Of course you NEVER give any pets any human drugs, but you can, say, stop a bleed as you might with one of your kids. So doing a bit of research – I was feeling quite smug – yes, knew that, knew that, knew that… I’ve had quite a lot of first aid training and I’m usually cool headed in a crisis.

But then the thought hit me – the one thing any first aid trainer really wants you to leave a course with the knowledge of – is resuscitation. Did I know how to resuscitate my dogs. Yes, I think I do, common sense isn’t it? Pressure to the chest and blow – how would I blow – their mouths and my mouth aren’t the same shape so no seal.

Of course the answer is seal the mouth breath through the nose. I’d have worked it out when the time came. I’d like to think that, but when it’s my own dog would it have come to me so quickly? Can I put my hand on my heart and say yes – no I don’t think I can.

But I know now!

During my research I came across this video of a dog trainer in Tacoma WA saving the life of a dog at his training centre. Not easy to watch for a dog owner – but it’s worth watching in case you ever need to know!

I don’t want to give proper instruction on resuscitation – it’s not my place. Not just for your animals, but also for the sake of people around you, if you don’t know how to apply CPR take a day or two out and go and get some proper first aid instruction from qualified trainers. You’ll never regret it – and it may just save a loved one’s life. Human or animal!

How we met our boys…

Kim and Max

As a teenager my Dad brought a dog home one evening and we were never without one in the family home until a few years ago when my Dad finally had to say goodbye to ‘Kim’ (a Labrador cross) from old age. Prior to that we’d had her mother Cindy – who died from poison on a local farm (nobody’s fault), and there was also my beautiful (if a little psychotic at times) German Shepherd Max – who we also had to let go before his time.

Before we moved to the little ‘desert island’ we’ve lived on since 2006 we’d talked about getting a dog.

Being responsible, we waited until we were sure we were staying and had got settled. We hate the way so many ex-pats rush right in and end up leaving a pet behind, because for whatever reason have to return home. It’s just plain wrong. Pets are for life….! Continue reading