Defra change blood test rules for travel into the UK

On the 30th June Defra released it’s new rules that will apply to pets entering the UK from overseas. As of the 1st January 2012 blood tests are no longer required. Which for us personally is a bit of a bummer as we had ours get the blood test just before the rule change was announced and are out €180! – c’est la vie! :)).

This applies to almost anywhere in the world. However, the remaining rules are a little less stringent for much of the EU than for the rest of the world. For full details click here for the full Defra press release.

Of course, there are still rules – but this makes life (and a short break over the channel far easier). In short (but always check on the Defra website) you’ll need to show that…

  • Your pet is microchipped
  • Currently vaccinated against rabies (Waiting times still apply so check your circumstances)
  • Your pet was vaccinated after it was microchipped
  • You have an EU Pet Passport or Official Veterinary Health Certificate from your vet certifying the microchip and vaccination
  • 21 days passed since it was first vaccinated
  • You are travelling into the UK with your pet on an approved route

We feel it’s great news for pet owners and is going to make travel cheaper and easier. Equally we’re hoping, being ex-pats, we’ll see much fewer abandoned animals because of people (we’ll spare you the expletives) that can’t be bothered to wait if they choose to move back to the UK.

Good news all round!

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