Dog of the week – Hugo

When we first heard about Hugo, we knew he had to be included as our pet of the week! Just one look at those panda eyes and we were hooked!

Hugo has gone to live with Patrick and Jerry the Dog in a little oasis of calm on the southern coast of Spain.

Very recently, Jerry the Dog sadly lost his plamate and confidante, Ben… and was feeling somewhat wistful. So Patrick headed off to the local rescue centre and found him a friend. In the photo, Jerry is at the back, and Hugo is at the front. Happy reading!

Name of Pet

Mongrel (possible wire-haired Griffon x)

Pet Age
2 years

Motril (Costa tropical oasis)

Pet Likes
Hugo loves the company of other dogs and especially new brother Jerry-dog.
Has been living with foster family for half his adult life with 3 other dogs so well socialised.
Loves full bowl of food which he can eat in less than 2 minutes!  Walking along the dry riverbed and running into the ocean on the nearby beach.

Just getting to know Hugo, but seems not to dislike anything really.  Apart from being left alone or ignored – always looking for attention.

Why is your pet so great?
Hugo a great dog, adapted easily to new life here at Cortijo Nuevo. Confident from day one, plays with other dog Jerry – rarely barks and ignores the birdsong in the garden! As yet, not even shown any interest in digging holes in the garden – a plus point!

Do you have a listing on this website?
Actually I have two!
Casa Pequeña
El Apartamento

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