This page may change without notice… so do please check back if you are unsure. If in doubt, simply drop us an email to info@petfriendlybreaks.com as we are always happy to help.


Why was my review not published immediately?
Here at Pet Friendly Breaks, all reviews are held in moderation and read by a human being before being added to the website.

What happens when my review is published?
At that point, we will usually contact the owner of the accommodation so that they can thank the reviewer, or likewise answer any concerns that they may have.

I have received a derogatory review of my accommodation that I do not believe to be genuine. What do I do?
First of all, contact us via email on info@petfriendlybreaks.com immediately. Be sure to post us a link to the review that you do not like, and provide us with as much proof as possible, as to why you believe it is fake. We do reserve the right to remove or not to remove every bad review… as this is an independent website.

Where can I find your review guidelines?
You can find them by clicking HERE.


I know that if something says it’s free, it rarely is… so what’s the score with you guys?
Honestly… it really is FREE for accommodation owners (and agents) to get listed. We (Alan and Elle…in case you’ve forgotten our ugly mugs from the front page) absolutely promise NEVER to charge for inclusion on the site. We just love our dogs… and wanted to do something that would benefit not only them, but other pets and their owners. We will make our couple of pennies in other areas of the sites. We may, in the future, add such things as chargeable featured listings… maybe… maybe not… but certainly you will never ever be charge for inclusion on the website.

I own a property that I would love to add  to your website – hey it’s free right? Is that ok?
Yes of course it’s ok! The more the merrier! We would encourage you to make your descriptions as personal as possible. Tell our readers exactly why they should be bringing their doggie and their puss-cat to your place. Be clear about your own rules and really take the opportunity to sell your place!

I have my own website that has a number of pet friendly accommodations on – can I add those to your website?
Absolutely! There are a couple of things that we ask however. Because this website is very personal for pet owners… we want real detail in the descriptions. For this reason, we do not always accept competitor websites as submissions against an individual submission. We do accept individual submissions for a small group of accommodations where the pet privileges and rules are all the same. But when it gets into larger property numbers, then a lot of the speciality and description is lost… which is not what this site is about. So… if you have a number of your own advertisers on your site, and wish to add some extra oomph to your sales potential to your clients, or are looking to benefit from some backlinks… then talk to us directly about how we can help. Drop us an email to info@petfriendlybreaks.com or call us on 0034 664 085 499 (only between 10am and 4pm GMT please – we do try to relax sometimes… even if you do see us online at silly o’clock) and talk to us.

I want to edit my accommodation listing on your website. How do I do that?
Nice and simple this one – just drop us an email with the changes that you would like. Unfortunately at this time we do not have client login. At a later date we may have that facility built in. In the meantime, we may ask you to provide some proof that you are the official representative of the accommodation concerned if your details do not match those of the person who originally submitted the property information.


I’m really happy with my free listing. Is there anything I can do in return?
Yes please! We’ve set up a page with a number of ways you can help us spread the word with very little commitment on your part. You can view the page HERE.