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Advertising your pet friendly accommodation – wherever you are in the world – on this site is FREE, and it always will be FREE!

It’s our aim to provide pet owners who prefer to bring along their furry friends on holiday with a valuable reference site. This site does not take bookings, nor do we plan to in the future. So, use the website field wisely. If you are a private owner without a site direct us to your page on your preferred holiday rental site. If you operate a rental site, feel free to add as many properties as you wish.

Please remember though, any accommodation to be included MUST BE PET FRIENDLY!

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Do please also be aware that to ensure the highest quality of listings, we add your pet friendly accommodation by hand… so please do be a little patient if it’s not up within the hour. However… if you have not seen it go live within 2 working days, then drop us a line to and we’ll give you an update. That delay will probably consist of a weekend, or a rare day off… or sometimes… just sometimes a glass of wine.