Pet of The Week – Billy Boxer

After a bit of a break… we’re back with our Pet Of The Week, and thought we’d start it off with our newest addition to the family, Billy Boxer.

Billy was found abandoned by an uncaring owner back in November 2011 (more info HERE)… and we soon snapped him up to join the pack! Here’s more…

Name of Pet
Billy Boxer


Pet Age
6 months

Lanzarote, Spain

Pet Likes
Cuddles and climbing on people’s laps – but we only allow that if we’re sat on the floor. He’s not allowed on the furniture.
He also likes eating ANYTHING! Yes… even rabbit poo up on the fields behind our home. LOVES  chasing flies!

Going out for his last toilet break of the night. He snuggles down into his bed as if we can’t see him. He hates rain, and hides behind us if out in it.

Why is your pet so great?
He’s just a nutcase – he is a bundle of energy… and loves to play with Pepper (one of our two other dogs) and they like to tumble about together. He is so ugly that he is beautiful – much like Walter Matthau or Golem.

If you have a pet that you would like to submit for our “Pet of The Week” section (regardless of whether you have pet friendly accommodation or not), then click HERE.

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