Pet Of The Week – Vienna

We just had to include Vienna this week. She is a house cat, but managed to escape last weekend… causing lots of worry for her owners, Matt & Alison. Congratulations on being our pet of the week Vienna!

pet of the weekName of Pet


Pet Age
1 year


Pet Likes
Food, cuddles, pushing her mum and dad out of bed at night and the newly discovered great outdoors.

She would like me to say that she hates her doggy brother and sister, but I see her kiss them when she thinks I’m not looking. Like all cats, she hates doors and not being able to go through one whenever she wants to, even if she doesn’t know she wants to until it’s shut.

Why is your pet so great?
Vienna is feisty, flirty, faithful and fearless. Perhaps this comes partly from being a rescue cat and partly from her breed, but I think it comes from her just being her. Having thought we’d lost her last weekend (damn those doors) we realise
that we love her more than we could have imagined. The doors are now open and she has her freedom (damn over protective parents). We can now let her be even greater than we knew she already was.

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